Sai Satcharitra

  • The present fate is the result of past actions done in earlier birth.
  • One must not be concerned by the beauty or external appearance of a person, but seek the God within.
  • The best way to receive is to give. The donor sows his seeds to reap rich harvest in future.
  • The giving of ”Dakshina” (reverential gift) advances ”Vairagya” (non attachment) and thereby ”Bhakti” (devotion)
  • Death is an illusion. Like worn out garments, the body is cast away; none dies. Joy and sorrow should not affect one. They both are delusions. Destiny is pre-determined. He who is to die, will.
  • He who is destined to his truck, will be. He who is destined to be caressed, will be Knowledge or fame of great Gnani or formal worship is of no use unless bathed in devotion.
  • Unless a man discharges his duties satisfactorily and disinterestedly, his mind will not be purified.
  • The teachings of a Guru are useless to a disciple full of egoism and who always thinks about sense objects.
  • Nobody should take the labor of others gratis.
  • He who feeds the hungry, serves God with food. Regard this as an axiomatic truth.
  • Our karma is the cause of happiness and sorrow. Therefore put up with whatever comes to you.
  • One must always adhere to truth and fulfill promises made. Have Shraddha (faith) and Saburi (patience).
  • Unless God wills, nobody meets us on the way; unless He wills, nobody can do harm to others.
  • Greed and Brahma are poles apart; one opposed to the other. Where there is greed there is no room for meditation of Brahma.
  • Humility is not towards all. Severity is necessary in dealing with wicked.
    If others hate us, let us take to Nama Japa. Do not be pugnacious. This is the path of happiness.
  • If you can help, always grant request. If you cannot be polite, do not mock or ridicule.
  • Always inquire; who am I.
  • Service at the feet of Guru is essential to attain “Moksha” (salvation).
  • A person who has not overcome lust, cannot realize God.
  • Everything belongs to us for use. Nothing is for us to posses.
  • I am not confined within this body of three and a half cubic height.
  • I am everywhere. See me in every place.
  • Poverty is the highest of riches and superior to Lord’s possession. God is brother of the poor. Fakir is the real emperor. He does not perish. An empire is soon lost.
  • Brahma is the only Reality. The universe is ephemeral. No one in this world, son father or wife is really yours.
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