Sai Parivar Details

Unique “1008 Saibaba Temple”


  • * One Life Size Saibaba Deity and 1007 Small Saibaba Deities
  • * Each family supporting the New Saibaba Temple will be part of “1008 SAT PARIVAR”
  • * As part of the “Sai Parivar” you and your family will be represented by one of the 1007 Sai Deities and every time puja is performed in the temple, your family Deity will be a part of the puja.
  • Location Adddress:
    10250 E Easter Ave,
    Centennial, CO – 80112
  • * For more information and to discuss sponsorship, please send us an email and a Sai team volunteer will set up an appointment.
  • * For more information please visit
  • * Please Support this unique venture and be apart of the “Sai Parivar”

Baba’s Blessings to One and All

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